You Didn’t Do That Right!!

When you read that subject line, how did it make you feel?

Warm and fuzzy? Or on-edge, reactionary and maybe even a little bit panicky?

I’d say the latter. Why is that?

It’s because saying something like “we need to talk” or “you were wrong about XYZ” when you open up a conversation with someone isn’t a very intentional way to do so.

The way you start a conversation with someone, or the words you use to do that, are called “frames” when it comes to your communication.

And today, I want to tell you why and how it is so important to frame our communication intentionally.

There are tons of powerful frames we already use that we’re not paying attention to, and some that we don’t know about at all that will help us to best serve our audiences.

How do you identify a “good” frame?

Those are the ones that you can use to serve your audience through communication at the highest level.

This is something I go into more depth with in my book, Atomic Words. But we’ll get into that more later.

Let’s get back into that feeling the subject line of this email gives you.

I remember when I was growing up, there were adults in my life (including my parents) who would come to me and say:

“We need to talk.”

Yikes. No thank you.

If you’ve ever had someone use that opening frame to start a conversation with you (and I’m sure you have), then you probably got the same feeling that you got when you first read this subject line.

Frames that you do not use intentionally to communicate with those around you work in a similar way.

They get your anxiety going. They tell you, “Oh, I’m in trouble. I’m really in for it this time.” They hint at the idea of you doing something bad that needs to be discussed– STAT.

So when you use that frame with your team members, your family, your loved ones, whoever– you can immediately trigger them to be in a state of emotional reactivity. They might be concerned about their safety, or not feel safe in general.

You’ll end up with someone who’s defensive before you actually even start your conversation.

We have the opportunity– and the choice– to be intentional in how we start all communications. Are you being intentional about that?

Are you being strategic in how you frame your communication?

Because the frame you use impacts everything else that’s said after that initial conversation starter.

One super simple frame that I like to use consistently is this one:

“My intention today is to do X.”

When I schedule a meeting with one of my team members, I reach out to them and tell them the intention of that meeting; in other words, the goal of that meeting.

When you set it up like that, the person or people you’re talking to will never have to guess at what you’re trying to communicate. From the jump, expectations and goals will be crystal clear.

Not to mention, those goals will be a hell of a lot easier to reach– for both you and everyone else around you.

Here’s another frame that’s effective for me:

“The problem I’m trying to solve is…”

Opening up a conversation like that will engage those around you to really help you out.

And the frame you use doesn’t matter just for the workplace, either.

It will help you in your romantic relationships, your familial ones– really any relationship you can think of where you communicate (which– ahem– is all of them).

I won’t keep you here for too long today, though. I know you’re busy.

That’s why you can read more about these frames and how to use them effectively in my book, Atomic Words.

But that’s not all you’ll get.

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See you soon!


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