Clear Language Leads to Success

Clear Language Leads to Success: “The Truth About Entrepreneurship” Podcast

As a leader, knowing that your team members, colleagues and clients have full transparency of what you are talking about is crucial for a successful business. What does it mean to use clear language? Is it damaging to assume that everyone already knows what you are talking about? Today, I’m giving you detailed insight and examples …

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Adapting to Survive

Adapting to Survive

Welcome back to another episode of “The Truth About Entrepreneurship”. I’m Gabe, and today we are going to talk about the importance of adapting to survive, and we are going to look at it through the lens of the music industry. Why the music industry, you ask? Anybody who has known me for any length …

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Why Relationships are More Important than Money

Why Relationships are More Important than Money

Relationships are everything. Without healthy relationships, you have nothing. Today, I am emphasizing the importance of relationships in business and how they are far more vital to your success than money is.  Why are relationships more important than money? Shouldn’t you be focused on getting that sale or closing in on that big contract? While …

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What This Show is All About + My Entrepreneurial Journey so Far

What This Show is All About + My Entrepreneurial Journey so Far

I’m Gabe, and I have over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. In my new podcast, The Truth About Entrepreneurship, I’ll be sharing an overview of my entrepreneurial journey to date. We are also going to discuss one of the most important lessons you can learn in business.  Introduction This segment covers my introduction to the …

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I Said All The Things

This past weekend I watched a show on Netflix called After Life. The show starts out with the main character Tony watching a video from his wife who passed away. The show explores some very dark and difficult aspects of human existence. In one of the videos she left him, Tony’s wife said a really …

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How To Outpace Survival

Attitude to survive

    I have good news and bad news for you today.  First the positive news:  You are going to get through this fear and challenging time.    Now the bad news:  It’s going to suck.  But only as bad as you make it suck.    Also the bad news is:  This is not the …

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