This Is an Email About Emails

Email marketing is powerful.

At least, it can be. If you play your cards right.

It doesn’t matter if you have a massive email list, or a small one.

Email marketing is as powerful as you want it to be. I mean, in the past 12 months, I was able to generate over a quarter million from a very small list of about 2 thousand people.

Regardless of the size of your email list, you have to follow some basic principles that will allow you to capitalize on it.

So let me tell you about those principles. Let me tell you about the three most common reasons why your email marketing hasn’t been working, and how you can fix it.

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1. You aren’t building an email list.

Maybe you have an email list you haven’t emailed in forever. Maybe you haven’t been consistent in your emails to them. You might have a really slow trickle of new clients joining your list.

No matter what, though, if you’re not consistent in adding people, you’ll be inconsistent in the results you want.

I want to encourage you to create a simple campaign, or give something of value away to your audience in exchange for opting in to receive your emails. Advertise on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook– wherever your audience likes to hang out.

“What thing of value, Gabe?” you might ask. Valid question.

This could be a short educational video that you provide for your audience.

It could be a free e-book download.

Maybe you’re ready to offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation call once someone opts in to your list.

Whatever makes sense for your audience and for you, go for it.
Create a simple opt-in process. Provide value.

If you don’t, you’re gonna burn out your list. They’ll move on.

2. You’re inconsistent in emailing your list.

It sounds simple. And I know I go on and on about consistency, but hear me out.

You might think: “I ignore so many of my emails. I don’t answer all of them, and I certainly don’t open all of them. Why would I bug my email list?”

Well, it is simple, as it turns out. You are not your prospects. You are not your clients.

Your audience needs you. They need the help you have to offer.

You can’t ignore your spouse for a couple weeks or months. You can’t just not talk to them at all and expect everything to be hunky-dory when you finally try to talk to them again.

Somehow, though, when it comes to email marketing, you think you aren’t allowed to email your list too often. (In reality, at least once a week is the bare minimum.)

Cut that out of your way of thinking. Communicating more than once a month shows your audience that you love and care about them. It shows them that you can provide value for them.

3. You send out information, but you never actually make an offer.

Imagine that you are interested in someone. You want to date them.
So you start talking to this person. You’re texting with them and chatting on the phone.

Now, imagine that you are consistent in how frequently you talk to them. You’ve been sharing information about yourself with them.

But you never invite them on a date. You never invite them to hang out, in person.

In essence, you never made the offer. You never took it to the next step.

That relationship will die off. And you don’t want your email marketing to have the same effect.

Provide clear CTAs in your email content.

Look at your emails and ask yourself: “Is it clear about what next step I want my readers to take?”

Let me offer you an example:

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