Start Doing Less to Grow Your Business

You’re trying to grow your business, right?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, that’s pretty much one of our #1 goals. I get it. I do.

What if I told you, though, that you’re doing too much to try and grow your business, and you should actually be doing less?

(If you want to do less for your marketing, for example, and get the best results possible, you can reach out to me and my team.)

There’s this absurd and 100% incorrect perspective that surrounds us in the entrepreneurial world that says we have to 10X our output, do more, hustle more, grind harder– but you don’t.

Following that body of thought is going to lead you right down the path of burnout, failure and ultimate destruction.

The people who tell you those things aren’t the folks you wanna be listening to. These are the folks who only have the facade of success themselves, or who haven’t built their success by themselves.

As always, I have three steps to growing your business by doing less, and I don’t want to keep you waiting:

1. Evaluate your time.

No matter who you are or what you do, you have 168 hours in your week.

I have 168 hours in my week, too, just like everyone else in the whole world.

That’s why I do a Time Study every once in a while.

It’s important to take the time to evaluate what you spent your day on, looking at your time from a strategic standpoint.

Once you do, you’ll quickly realize that there’s only a fraction of your day that generates results.

If I were to evaluate my time last week, for example, when I signed up four or five new clients who generated five figures of new revenue for the business, the time spent to do that was only five or six hours.

Write down what you’re doing every 15 minutes. Then, go back and evaluate it on a daily or weekly basis. This way, you’ll be able to see where you’re being effective and what things you can take off your plate that isn’t getting you the results you need.

2. Actually start focusing on those things that are getting you results.

In other words, stop focusing on vanity metrics, or those things that look and feel good, or make you look and feel like a successful entrepreneur.

There are also things that are easy to do, but don’t get us the results we need– simply because they feel good.

Stay away from that.

If you focus on what’ll get you results, like consistent outreach or prospecting, then you’ll move your business forward.

3. Make sure that you’re properly capitalized.

You need to have enough cash and credit in hand so that you can move your team forward. You have to be able to facilitate the growing, failing and learning with the right level of safety.

Otherwise, you can’t guarantee them a consistent and reliable paycheck. And if you can’t do that, you won’t have a team at all.

But once you do, you can start applying the Rule of 8 and 64– which is going to change the game for you.

The Rule of 8 and 64 goes a little something like this:

If I have 8 hours to work a day, and I’m just focused on that work during those 8 hours, I’m going to get 8 hours of results.

But if I had a team of 8 team members and I delegate 8 hours of work to each of them, we have 64 hours of work done.

Naturally, you have to do those first two steps before you can start hiring and delegating, though.

So if you need any help with any of those steps, just let me know. I want to see you start succeeding by doing less, too.


To your success,



P.S. Once you get those team members onboarded and are ready to start delegating to them, how are you going to communicate with them?

Effective communication is one of the biggest keys to your success, your team’s success and the ultimate success of your business.

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