You see a lot of programs out there these days that say things like…

Extreme Entrepreneurial Training.

Extreme Fitness.

If you’re an extreme entrepreneur, this program is made for you!

You get the gist.

But while I’m sure there’s some merit to these types of programs, you should run away from them.

Literally. Like, right now.

There are two extreme behaviors in particular as an entrepreneur, business owner or leader that will kill your business.

I’ve seen these two things multiple times throughout the years, but a lot more in recent times…

1. Stop giving into Shiny Object Syndrome.

There’s always a new training session, a new class, a new funnel out there that feels like it’s targeted just for you.

Some of them are.

But if you’re just attending these things, investing in these things, always chasing that Next Big Thing– you’ll have a problem, and a big one at that.

I mean, those Next Big Things oughtta have a big ole warning sign tacked onto them.

Only fixating on attending these classes and buying these “100% guaranteed” programs means you won’t have enough time to execute, move forward and get results.

(If you need help with executing, moving forward and getting consistent results, you can reach out to me here.)

2. Stop working batsh*t crazy hours.

Going that route– where you’re working 60, 70, 80+ hours a week– means you’re gonna flatline. You’ll stay stuck where you are, unable to be strategic, effective or learn new things.

It’s important to keep in mind that partaking in these “extreme” behaviors– either one of them– is fine (ish) for a season.

But if you start doing something for more than 90 days, it becomes a habit. It becomes a pattern.

That means it’s way easier to start thinking that’s normal.

Spending more than 90 days gathering new info, setting up new tools, going to events and finding stuff like that, it’s easy to go off track in that direction. It’s easy to think that not executing effectively, and not actually implementing what you learned in those events.

On the other end, listening to those people who falsely tell you that you should hustle, hustle, hustle! for more than 90 days isn’t actually gonna move your business forward.

I mean, what is it they always say?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?


How do you fix all of that, though?

How do you stop doing those things?

First of all, I like the saying that “business is just la, la la.”

Learn, apply. Learn, apply. Learn. Apply.

Instead of resorting back to these extreme behaviors over and over again, find consistent daily actions you can perform. Get the information you need and then apply it.


One other thing here that I tell my clients who I coach is to ask yourself:

“What’s the minimum amount I can commit to doing at my worst time?”

In other words, what can you consistently do, on a daily basis, that will move things forward for you?

That may be having three new conversations with people you can potentially work with.

It may be to send a new proposal out every day.

If you do that consistently, it’s amazing how fast that effort stacks up.

And here’s the last thing to keep in mind here when it comes to avoiding those two extreme behaviors:

It’s crucial when you’re starting out that your activities are directly related to sales.

All that new learning, all that new hustling, all this building out new things in the backend– none of it’s gonna move the needle for you if you’re not selling consistently, with new revenue and customers coming in.

So remind yourself:

Consistently. Incrementally. On a daily basis.

Find that balance between those two things instead of just learning and then just hustling insanely.

Look at where those extreme behaviors are, and put together an effective daily plan that has you moving forward with incremental steps so that you can continue growing your business.

And if you have any questions about any of that, just click here to reach out.


To your success,



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