A.I. Is Going To Replace You [Guaranteed]

In the era of:

– Self-driving cars
– Predictive search
– Machine learning
– Fintech
– Nanoengineering
– 3D printing
– Alexa- Siri
– Hello Google
– And the myriad of other A.I. and tech out there…

You are going to become irrelevant. A.I. will absolutely replace you…

If– and this is a big if– you don’t understand the following things:

1) People need and want empathy.

2) Creating a human-driven customer experience is paramount.

3) Relationships are the foundation of long-term success.

The reason I hired and continue to work with:

– My CPA (who I’ve been with for over 10 years);

– My lawn care professional (who charges me 2.5x more than the company who I fired before them);

– My favorite bartender at my local bar (who buys me a beer every time I walk in);

– My favorite server (who Rachel and I follow to whatever restaurant she chooses to work at);

– My car retailer (who costs more and sells a slightly inferior vehicle to traditional dealerships);

– My bookkeeping company (who charges 8x more than the software companies that “do the same thing for less”);

– My chiropractor and my energy worker (who do the “same thing” an app or a therapy machine can do);

– Apple (who makes better tech and A.I. than most companies out there, but who let me talk to a human instantly, in-person or over chat);

– Microcenter, a large electronics retailer in the Midwest (whose stores are ugly compared to Best Buy and;

– My car service (that doesn’t have a fancy app like Uber);

– And my two masterminds (that cost me more than many people make per year)…

… Is because they treat me like a valued human being.

They customize my experience to me.

They have empathy.

They bend the rules or write new ones for me inside their systems– as long as they wisely protect their own profits (as they should).

They understand that a tool is a tool, but that nothing replaces celebrating me and the success we’ve achieved together.

They understand me.

They do the extra, special little things that I need to feel valued, supported and loved.


If you think you can beat A.I. and keep operating a profits-first company, or a “me-first” career that doesn’t take into consideration the experience of your customers– you’re f*cked.

You’re gonna be broke soon, dude.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know who your customers are.

If you’re an employee, then your customer is your boss– plus your fellow employees, and of course, any customers of the company you directly interface with.

If you want to beat the robots, I strongly suggest that you lean into relationships.

Become someone everyone wants to be around because you listen to them and serve them at the highest level.

Deepen your love for all of humanity. Yes– I said all.

If you’re willing to do that…

If you’re willing to go above and beyond…

If you’re willing to focus on creating and providing incredible value…

If you’re willing to love more than all your competitors…

… Then you’re gonna be fine.

Love crushes robots.

You got this.


To your success,



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