All You Need Is a Few Minutes and a Stable Internet Connection…

I have something I want to share with you today.

I mean, that alone is nothing new, but let me explain…

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to join my friend, Ryan Cote, on his show, The Morning Upgrade Podcast.

And I have to say, anytime I get to have an entire conversation with a fellow entrepreneur like Ryan, it gets me pretty excited.

After all, talking to someone who shares the same space as you, and can understand and sympathize with your struggles is a real treat.

Plus, given the combined experience between us, there’s always way more to learn than I ever initially thought possible.

The proof is in the pudding in this case.

And by “pudding,” I mean in how much we covered in this short show…

For only 18 minutes, it’s jam-packed with invaluable lessons that I’m confident you’ll enjoy learning from.

I guess that’s what happens when two busy people with a lot on their minds get together and talk.

For starters, Ryan and I talk about Simple Operations, an operational methodology from my friend Alex Charfen that has left an enormous impact on my business.

You’ve most likely heard me mention it once or twice, lol.

But, hey, I refuse to be coy about something that I know for a FACT can help you.

We also talked about my long morning routine — from the moment that my smart device flips my lights on at 5 a.m., to when it ends with me going live with my daily podcast, The Engine Builder’s Show.

I go through it all, A to Z.

A quick pause, on that note…

I credit at least half the success of my business to my morning routine alone.

So, if you ever doubt what you stand to gain from polishing your routine, stop.

I promise it’s too good to pass up.

Later in the episode, Ryan asked me if there was anything that I did to dial in my mindset for the day.

And unfortunately, I don’t have anywhere near the space needed to type my full answer here, but let me tell you this much:

As morbid as it may seem, I’ve started each day for as long as I can remembering with the stoic notion that each day could be my last.

So, I live to the fullest and treat every interaction and conversation with the right intentions.

Naturally, the conversation I had with Ryan didn’t end there, so make sure you check out the podcast episode for the full story!

Just click here!

You’ll find the key to unlocking each day with the right mindset.

To your success,


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