The ugly truth about beautiful marketing


Many of us have experienced a time when we were truly blown away by the beauty of something.

Maybe it was the first time you saw your partner.

Maybe it was when you first met your child as they came crying into this world.

Or maybe it was the first time your four-legged furry family member happily licked your face.

Or maybe it was the last incredible sunrise you got to experience.

Regardless of what moment it was, I know that we’ve all experienced moments of beauty, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) marketing doesn’t always have to be beautiful to be effective.

Think back to the last really hot summer day you experienced.

If you were outside in the heat, dying of thirst, you would probably buy a bottle of water from anyone (regardless of how fancy their marketing was).

I’ve bought bottles of water from hustlers walking between lines of cars in traffic on a hot summer day in Chicago.

They had what I wanted.

They showed it to me.

I bought it.

While there are times that you should make your marketing beautiful, there are also times that keeping it quick and dirty is just as effective.

Back in 2014, I launched this service, and the site was not “pretty” by any means:

I built that site overnight and launched the product the next day.
It wasn’t exactly “beautiful” but it was exactly what people wanted and needed.

Here’s what that ugly little site has generated revenue-wise for me over the years:

(Plus it’s led to other consulting and custom projects that aren’t included in that revenue report)

What’s important to remember is that you need effective marketing way more than you need beautiful marketing.

Don’t get caught up in trying to chase every new trend.

Don’t think just because your friend or competitor is doing something you need to do it too.

Focus first on what’s most effective.

And then if you realize making it more beautiful is effective then go for it.

But above all, just get your message out there.

You can’t learn from theorizing and you can’t learn from spending all your time and money building something that’s “not ready to be shown to the world just yet”.

Get out there and make it happen.

Put your ugly ideas out there and let the market decide what they believe is beautiful (and effective) for their needs.

To your “ugly” marketing success,


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