End Times Are Upon Us

The other day I found this crazy image in my Instagram feed:

I still can’t believe that someone made a sign that said “long hair is communism.” Like what the actual f*ck is that?!

When I saw that picture it reminded me of a few things:

First – that there has been a crazy drama in every decade of my life so far, and it’s just that.


I believe that it’s important to study history because it improves the future.

While the entertainment channels that pretend they are “news” like to sow division, it’s our job as entrepreneurs and leaders to rise above the noise and start paying attention to what is actually going on.

Every day in business and in life there will be things that seem shocking, or surprising or difficult. If we want to be successful in the long run, I believe that we need to set aside emotion and evaluate things more carefully.

I’ve made a habit of sitting down on a daily basis to evaluate how I feel, what is going on and how I can best respond to the situation.

That practice is one of the things that has allowed me to be part of leading and growing our business over 60% this past year.

Second – at this time of year, I start to plan ahead and think about what I need to accomplish in the coming year.

I imagine that I’m not alone on this front.

For me though, the feelings become very pronounced when December 1st rolls around.

Emotionally, I do start to feel like “end times are upon us.”

Not in a doomsday kind of way, no, instead I feel a positive urgency because I know that another year has passed and my time on earth is getting shorter by the day.

With that kind of perspective and motivation, I’m able to really focus on what matters as I plan ahead.

The questions I ask myself around this time of year are:

– What kind of impact do I want to make in the next 12 months?

– What kind of revenue do I want to generate on the top line in 2022?

– More importantly, what do I want my bottom line to be at the end of next year?

– Who do I need to serve and support this year both internally in my company and externally as it relates to clients and other partners?

When I look ahead into 2022 I want…

…to make sure that my business can run without me being present.

…to make sure that we’re investing adequately in our own marketing so the business can continue to grow.

…to make sure that I’m properly investing in my team members and adding the right new team members and vendors into our organization as well.

…to make sure that I’m leveling up my own health and wellbeing so I can be present and support my team and family.

Those are just a few of the intentions that I begin to develop and set as it relates to my business and personal life.

So I’m curious:

What are some of your goals and intentions for next year?

Comment below and share them with me. I’d love to support you on your journey.

To your success,


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