The Tricky Path to Entrepreneurial Success

The golden castle of entrepreneurial success is enticing to all of us…

And there may not be a wizard inside the castle.

But across the blue water moat, inside the golden brick walls, all of our dreams and aspirations as entrepreneurs are coming true.

It’s too damn bad how tricky the path to the castle can be.

Most people never make it there unless they have a guide—one who has traveled there before, determined the easiest route and now holds their own place in the castle.

Well, you’re in luck… because, despite that poor segue of mine, I made it to the castle, and I’d love to show you the way.

(That’s your cue to contact me.)

Now, I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t know what I was doing when I first began.

I mean, after all, who did?

Each of us had to stumble a little bit in the beginning.

But there’s a bright side to every wrong turn or failed investment across my 20+ years of experience:

I always learned something.

And thanks to those numerous lessons, I now know the simplest path to success—to that golden castle.

If you want me to show you the way, just read the rest of this email.

I promise the knowledge is worth the read…

First, make sure you have a clear scoreboard of the inputs that will yield the outputs you want.

Almost all successful entrepreneurs do it—not just myself.

They define the big result they want for their business and clearly outline all of the steps or inputs they need to achieve it, then review the progress of those inputs in case adjustments are required.

Here, I’ll give you an example:

I always tend to think about sales when I’m explaining this idea.

Because you can always set a clear sales goal and then set the necessary inputs to reach your target.

Plus, adjusting the inputs is easy because you can see when you’re not going to hit a sales goal fairly early.

And the inputs don’t need to be complex or challenging to review either.

A few could be how many people you’re reaching out to daily, the number of proposals you have prepared, or the number of people you have discovery calls with.

Even by tracking those three simple things and adjusting when you’re falling short of reaching the goal, finding success is simple.

And like I said, the sales bit is just an example.

This method can be applied to many other areas of your business. You only need to adjust the inputs and your goal.

So give it a shot.

I guarantee you that you’ll be set on the simplest path to success if you apply consistent effort to make this work.

Alright, what do you say?

Are you ready to get back to your Tuesday and implement this new method?

Don’t worry. If you get lost on the path, I’m always here to help.

You can contact me anytime by visiting this link.


To your success,



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