Let’s Talk About Being Social on Social Media…

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and had a good Memorial Day celebration—full of all the barbecue and family time that you can handle.

Over the weekend, and especially on Memorial Day itself, I saw a lot of social media activity.

And that got me thinking about social media as a whole—specifically, which social media platforms a given brand should be active on…

I’m sure you asked yourself that as you built your social media presence.

So I think it’s about time that we talk about it…

But just so you’re aware, I’m not going to talk about why it’s important to be on social media… I’m going to assume that you already know why.

So this email will be focused on three things you need to decide which social media channels should be important to you.

(However, no problem if you’d like me to refresh your memory. You’re welcome to contact me directly.)

1. Consider where your audience is located.

Wherever you find your audience is where you need to focus your efforts.

For Business Marketing Engine, our clients are typically on Facebook and LinkedIn.

And even though we may dabble on other platforms, we focus our marketing on those two.

There’s just little to be gained by marketing on a platform that lacks your audience.

As a general rule, if you don’t know where your audience is yet, you can start with targeting Facebook—it usually has a bit of everyone.

2. Look at where you can be consistent.

Consistency is a massive part of building a social media presence.

Posting here and there just doesn’t cut it.

With each new post on your followers’ feeds, they trust you more and more… So as you’re sorting through the growing list of social media platforms, think about what you can manage.

For instance, unless you can commit to posting a video at least once a day, there’s no point being on TikTok.

However, if you can string together a few words for a daily post, then Twitter might be ideal.

3. Where can you really engage with your audience?

Unless you’re really building relationships and engaging with your audience, you’ll have a slim chance of someone reaching out to you for services or products—so… as the name implies, be social.

Make a connection and help your audience see that you’re trying to help them.

You can do that by responding to comments, making your own comments on their posts and following up with your followers.

I’m sure you’ll be a social media hit if you keep those three things in mind. And you’ll be attracting your ideal audience in no time…

If you’d like more help with your marketing or to talk about how my team and I can support your social media endeavors, contact me here.

To your success,


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