Diamond Rings

I know that we haven’t spoken in a while, but have you been ring shopping recently?

Specifically, in the diamond section?

I promise not to tell anyone if you have… (congrats, just in case it’s a special occasion.)

I’m just wondering if you’ve heard of the four Cs.

Cut, color, carat and clarity.

Each one of them is essential for determining the value of a diamond.

However, that last one, clarity, is one of the most important.

Let me explain.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a flawless diamond, right?

You know… the one that makes the bank accounts drain and the recipient swoon?

Well, the term “flawless” refers to the diamond’s clarity, and it means that the diamond is of the highest quality available.

But here’s the twist that you were probably expecting…

Like diamonds, clarity in your marketing is also wildly crucial because it naturally creates accountability.


I’m so glad that you asked.

Well, to begin with, when trying to achieve excellent marketing results, you need to create specific, measurable results and lay them across the timeline of your strategic marketing plan, right?

Or, to put it simply, it’s all about being clear about what you expect to gain from your marketing efforts.

So, that’s the clarity.

Now, here’s how it naturally leads to accountability.

Imagine that you want to get 1,000 brand impressions, and out of those, you want to have 50 leads come in.

And let’s also imagine that you want those 50 leads by August 1st, alright?

Well, you can count those leads as one of your measurable results.

Then, come August 1st, if you haven’t reached your goal, you know there’s a hiccup in your marketing, allowing you to quickly address the person or department in charge—and create that accountability.

From there, you can ensure the right changes are made to reach the measurable goal you set.

All in all, it’s simple.

However, if you’re still a little foggy, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t clear it up for you. So, be sure to schedule a time to chat.

I always look forward to helping fellow entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for something to watch on your lunch break, you can also tune in to yesterday’s episode of my morning show! (I talk more about clarity in marketing there as well.)

I hope to speak with you sometime soon.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


To your success,


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