Keep the Marketing Machine Running!

I hope that Independence Day was all you could’ve hoped for and you’re ready to return to the daily hustle…

Because today, I want to talk about the rollercoaster ride of revenue cycles… However, if you’re not quite back in the spirit of things, you’re welcome to contact me here.

We can talk about the state of your business or anything else—your call.

But if you’re still here, we should get started.

After all, if you’ve been in business for any time, you’ve undoubtedly experienced revenue cycles for yourself.

Times when revenue is coming in at a high…

And boom.

It’s low again…

… Affecting you and your team in a significant way.

But I have one of the easiest ways we can actually guard ourselves against that and ensure that we maintain steady revenue levels.

All you have to do is listen.

If you are experiencing revenue cycles, there are normally two things you’re failing to do.

1. You Aren’t Consistently Marketing.


2. You Have So Much Project-Based Income That You Haven’t Found a Way To Set Up Recurring Revenue in Your Business—Otherwise Known As the Holy Grail for Entrepreneurs.

When you have recurring revenue, everything else is much more straightforward.

Personally, when I realized that a few years ago, I started moving the majority of our business to year-long payment plans and subscription plans.

That helped me make our cash flow more predictable and reduce revenue cycles, which in turn helped Business Marketing Engine grow even more.

And it also helped our clients because they didn’t have to pay so much upfront. Instead, they could pay a smaller amount on a recurring basis.

Now, of course, the other key to that is marketing.

As I said, I’ve seen a lot of businesses just put their heads down and do the work after getting more clients. But please, if you’re prone to doing that, keep the marketing machine running.

That way, when business slows down after completing your obligations to those customers, you have new prospects coming in the door.

Now, if you’re looking at your marketing and worried about the finances…

I get it.

It’s hard to spend money on marketing consistently, but it’s worth it. If you need to, you can reduce spending for a short season.

But that’s as far as I would go with it…

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your day.

Just keep in mind that marketing is what my team and I do…

It’s our primary focus, aside from making your business a success.

So if you ever need some help refining that marketing machine and handling the controls, we can support you.

All you need to do is set up a call. Click here when you’re ready.


To your success,


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