Your Website Isn’t Cutting It

I have websites on my mind right now, and I may forget to add this in later, so if you’re interested in putting some horsepower behind your marketing and helping your business connect with your ideal customers, book a call.

Now on to what I want to talk about today…

To wrap up this week of talking about destinations, I wanted to touch on something I’ve noticed a lot over the years.

Websites are failing to perform.

Actually, even clients will approach me and say, “Man, I really liked the look and feel of my website, but it just hasn’t been doing well over the last few years. And I don’t know how to fix it.”

When a client says that to me or when anyone says that, for that matter, I always have the same response in the chamber:

Websites fail to perform when they aren’t treated like the asset they are to a business.

They’re the virtual home base of your business.

So instead of treating it as some fleeting thing, you should treat it as your digital employee— well paid and thoroughly invested in.

You might say, “Gabe, well paid and thoroughly invested in, seems like the same thing.”

Just let me explain.

“Well paid” means paying for excellent hosting, so your website is fast, and paying for designs and updates, all things of that nature.

On the other hand…

“Thoroughly invested in” means that you are conscious and aware of what is on your website, how it’s converting, and what changes should be made in the future.

It’s about taking ownership of your digital employee and doing what you can to make them successful.

Now, if you do those two things, your website will be successful and perform.

But if you throw your website in a dusty corner of your mind and expect it to be okay, I can promise you that it won’t perform.

Continuing on this subject…

I always recommend doing a full site-wide update on your website every two to three years, even if you’re happy with it.


Technology standards change very quickly.

And Google, one of the biggest search engines and ad platforms, is always looking for something different.

So you want to keep up with whatever standard website model attracts them. If you can, you’ll rank higher.

There’s also another way to get valuable information for a website update.

Ask your clients.

Email, call, or schedule a meeting with them and ask, “Before you became a client, what would you have liked to see on our website? What would have made you sign on quicker?”

More often than not, they’ll mention some helpful bits of information.

But occasionally, they may recommend some resources you can add to your website to serve your visitors better.

Now, as you continue to think about how you can improve your website, I want you to consider giving us a chance.

My team and I at Business Marketing Engine know how websites tick.

And we can take any website you have and turn it into a fully functioning, high-performing digital employee.

Let’s talk about it.

Book a call with me, and we’ll see how we can get to work.


To your success,


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