How To Write Engaging Emails 101…


It’s no secret that I release a sh*t ton of content to build a connection with my audience.

I write these emails.

I post on social media.

I host podcasts like The Engine Builder’s Show.

I even have a blog.

And because of that, many of my friends and clients have wondered how I do it… Just like you might do from time to time as you see my emails come into your inbox bright and early.

So it’s time for an answer.

And to save you time, I’ll just focus on how I approach emails for now.

But first things first, let’s make one thing crystal clear. I’m not a creative powerhouse that can magically come up with something new whenever.

I’m sorry if that’s a shock, lol.

It’s true, though.

I can pump out so much content thanks to only one thing…

A template.

The template (which I’ll tell you about soon, so settle down…) helps you jumpstart your creative process and reminds you that coming up with something completely new every… single… day… is unnecessary.

Doing that might be wrong anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I learn better when I have things repeated to me.

I need to absorb the lesson into every cell across my body before I can apply it, which doesn’t always happen on the first go around.

Many of the people in my audience (and yours) are the same way.

So as I tell you about the template itself and how to use it, keep that in mind.

It may ease the pressure on your shoulders as you start writing.

The template itself has three different parts.

  1. The opener…
  2. The empathy section…
  3. The CTA (Call to Action)…

Each part is vitally important.

  1. The opener should GRAB someone’s attention. You can make it as interesting or shocking as appropriate.

For me, I like to stick with something simple.

  1. The empathy section is your space to connect with your audience. Try to address pain points or false beliefs and relate to them.

You can also hint toward a brighter future without those troubles.

  1. The CTA should have a low time commitment and not require a lot of trust between you and your audience.

You want the option to contact you or opt-in for your service to feel

too easy to pass up.

And on that note, this email is getting too long…

So let me wrap it up with a CTA of my own.

If you want to learn more about this template, watch the most recent episode of The Engine Builder’s Show.

It’s only 10 minutes long (a small time commitment), and you’ll learn a lot. I can promise you that…

Check it out here.

I’ll be back to speak with you again tomorrow.


To your success,



P.S. You’re always welcome to contact me personally with any questions on your mind.

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