How To Serve At The Highest Level

What is Entrepreneurship?

Are you ready to learn my secret?

I’ve never written about this before, and I think it’s something you’re going to find incredibly valuable.

Imagine having dozens of people around you that would do exactly what you asked.

Imagine having a powerful team of friends, employees, colleagues, and influencers who would stand up for you the second you asked.

I’m very blessed to have people like that.

Stay with me here, because there’s a really big key to this secret formula.

If you master it, then this becomes one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox. Your ability to leverage influence at higher levels is priceless in your life and career.

If you’ve been following me and paying attention, you know my definition of entrepreneurship.

But for anyone new, here it is:

Entrepreneurship is simply servant leadership, nothing more nothing less.

You cannot advance to the next stage until you understand this.

You cannot positively influence people until you really understand this principle.

And because it impacted my life so completely, I’d like to share with you a little more.

If you master this, It WILL change your life and business!


Take A Genuine Interest In People’s Lives

Wouldn’t you want everyone around you to:
– grow and excel
– be incredibly happy
– be safe and financially sound
– be physically and mentally healthy
– have deep and rewarding relationships in all areas of their lives
You do, don’t you? I get it.

So what do I do? I share my intentions with each person I influence.

The intention is to serve them.

It’s to help them grow.

It’s to live an abundant and amazing life.

When you sincerely want the best for everyone, it shows.

When you honestly and objectively take a full personal inventory of your thoughts, deeds, and desires, you choose to serve others and leave your ego behind.

I still make mistakes. I do selfish things sometimes. I’m never going to be perfect, but I’m always going to work hard on improving every day.

The good news is, I have an amazing group of people around me who provide feedback to help me grow.

Why does that happen?

Because that’s what I do for them.

I want them to learn from their mistakes. So, I kindly and respectfully point out areas for improvement. Then ask how I can help and support them to improve their lives. I offer my full help and support.


A Place Of Servant Leadership

This is where we get super practical.

I help those around me to grow in their skill set, so they can achieve new levels of mastery (as this is one of a few core tenants of happiness).

So, I sit down and make step-by-step guides.

I create videos, documents, audio notes, screenshots, etc.

Then, I read it aloud. And with a fresh perspective, I pretend I’m brand new to the situation; putting myself in their shoes to see if it makes sense.

Next, I meet with them face-to-face and explain everything, to ensure they understand.

I serve them.

I work hard to give them everything they need to be successful.


When those around me win, we all win.

Since you and I want the highest and best good for those around us—that’s the deepest desire of our hearts—it’s pretty easy to ask someone to do something that they’ll gladly do.

Those around you know when you care.

Those around you know when your intentions are sincere.

They’ve been watching.

The question is, are you going to do what it takes to serve them at the highest level?
I believe in you, and I know you can do it.

Let’s work together and continue to make this beautiful world even more beautiful.

Be the best servant leader you can be.

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