The Danger of Leadership

One of the biggest dangers of being a leader is getting to the point where you no longer get adequate feedback.

It’s very important that you intentionally surround yourself with other strong leaders who are willing to confront you.

I’m very fortunate to have leaders around me who aren’t afraid to tell me that my ideas are stupid or need work. It’s taken some time and work to build this kind of culture in our organization. I truly believe it’s one of the most important things that any leader can have.

As leaders we must provide emotional safety for our team members. This way they can confront us in a respectful and productive manner.

Some of the questions I like to ask myself are:

  • When was the last time I just listened in a meeting and didn’t offer my opinion?
  • Am I creating a space that fosters creativity and collaboration?
  • Do I model humility and openness to new ideas?
  • Am I consistently teaching others around me with real life stories and examples?

While that is not an exhaustive list of questions to ask, it does help me get into a state of reflection.

That’s the key, taking time to reflect on your own behavior and the behavior of your team.

If something’s not quite right, then it means that me, the leader, has made a mistake that I need to correct.

Even though it’s risky to lead others, it’s our job to take extreme ownership of the results.

We must keep serving others at the highest level if we want to lead.

To your success,

Gabe Arnold

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