How To Create Offers Without Migraines…

Creating good offers can feel impossible sometimes. It’s like no matter what words you jot down, it just feels… wrong.

I understand that.

Fortunately, like most things in marketing, there’s a framework and a process to help you create perfect offers that will attract your ideal clients.

It all starts with keeping just a couple of things in mind.

First off…

1. Understand that the fastest way to get traction is to ensure your offer falls into one of these categories…

a. Health

b. Wealth

c. Love

Every offer attached to one of those categories is attractive and fundamentally connects with people.

If you can tie your offer to one or multiple, it’s more likely to succeed.

2. Remember that time is significantly more expensive than money.

If I told you that for $100, I could help get you 100 more leads every day, you’d be interested.

But If I said you had to spend six hours a day using my method for the next 60 days to make it happen…

You’d laugh.

And nobody would ever buy that product.

It wouldn’t matter if it were $100 or $1 because your time is more valuable than money.

Now, instead, let’s say you want to run a marathon.

And I came up to you with a product or service that would allow you to prepare for the marathon, ensure a decent finish time and only require about 30 minutes of your time three days a week.

(Putting aside how impossible that probably is…)

It’s a very attractive offer.

I’m giving you the help you want without asking for too much of your valuable time, plus I’m leaning into one of the big three categories that I mentioned— Health.

And you can create a similar (but realistic offer) for your product or service.

Watch my podcast

to learn how.

I’ll break it down in 10 minutes, or less so I don’t waste any of your valuable time.

Check it out.


To your success,



P.S. I put a lot of work into my podcast, The Engine Builder’s Show, to ensure it’s educational and enjoyable for you.

But if it’s ever not enough, reach out.

I’m serious.

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Together, we can make your business offers outstanding.

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