Three Simple Daily Marketing Activities…

Whether you like it or not, marketing is all about consistency.

That means you have to show up.




The more consistent you are with your audience, the stronger your relationship with them will become and, more importantly, the more your business will grow.

But consistency is hard.

I get that.

That’s why I’ll help you boost your consistency with three daily marketing activities.

If you incorporate these into your daily routine, you’ll see drastic results.

I promise.

Here’s your first activity…

Make social media posts about your wins and the processes that got you through challenges.

Each time you make a post like that, something interesting happens.

A person in your audience will read it and think, “Hey, if they did that, they can help me, too.”

Other people on social media will also learn about your business and how you achieve results.

Then, if they ever do need help, they’ll know where to go.

Overall, these posts are super powerful.

Pro tip: Keep these posts short, sweet and impactful.


Write a daily 5-minute case study.

This case study should discuss your client’s state before working with your business and then their current (hopefully improved) state.

And I said, “5-minute case study” for a reason.

I don’t want you to make the case study insanely long.

Nobody will read that.

So keep it brief and stick with these three points:

  1. Our client was here…

  2. We did X, Y and Z over three months…

  3. Our client’s position improved with those efforts, and they are now much happier…

And remember…

With this type of marketing, you don’t always see instant results.

Sometimes, it takes months or years to establish a connection that your audience will act on.

Don’t let that discourage you.

It’s normal.

The third thing is… not here.

Listen, I can only make an email so long.

But don’t worry…

If you want to learn what the third activity is, continue learning here

I hope you check it out.


To your success,


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