3 Tips From a Recession Survivor

Many people start quivering in their boots when you mention a recession, and I get it.

Recessions are scary.

There’s no doubt about that.

The 2007/08 recession led to me going bankrupt and even people threatening my life. (No, that is not an exaggeration.)

However, after going through that, I realized it’s only a genuine threat to those unwilling to prepare— similar to how a big storm is only a threat to sailors who are too stubborn to heed the warnings and come to shore.

That’s why, as we’re going through another recession, I think I should help you prepare with three tips to help you thrive through any storm.

With that said, there’s no time to waste. The recession won’t wait for you to get all of your ducks in a row, lol.

Here’s tip #1…

Focus on relationships.

Relationships are now and will forever be the basis of success in your business and personal life.

That’s the truth.

As people, we’re always stronger together than we are apart.

That means to overcome your battles and come out of this recession stronger, you have to build your relationships.


Strive to serve those around you at the highest level.

If they need a little room to breathe and get things sorted, give them that room.

If they need some help, help them.

In turn, they will help you in your time of need and return all the same kindness.

By focusing on relationships and striving to serve those around me, I received enormous grace during the 2007/08 recession.

And you can, too.

Tip #2…

Double down on your prospecting, sales efforts and marketing.

I don’t have to tell you that sales will drop in a recession.

It’s just a part of the cycle.

Unfortunately, that can obviously leave you and your business in a tough situation.

So to avoid being devastated by the drop in sales, you need to double down on your prospecting, sales efforts and marketing to ensure your pipeline is extra full.

With that, you can bridge the gap, and ideally, your business won’t have to suffer a massive revenue drop.

Tip #3…

Closely and thoroughly observe the market.

I don’t care what industry you’re in right now.

Your market is constantly evolving.

If you don’t stay up-to-date on what’s going on and what your audience is looking for, you’ll fall behind your competitors and collapse.

So keep your finger on the market’s pulse by constantly researching and adjusting your marketing.

You can even interview part of your audience.

Do anything and everything you can to connect and understand.

If you notice people are especially scared and hesitant to move forward in your market, offer them comfort and confidence.

Alright. That’s all I have for you today. But remember, I have a ton more information just like this that I share through my podcast every day.

So if you’re ever looking for more help, check it out

You can even visit the YouTube channel

and search “Recession.”

I’m sure you’ll find the info you need.


To your success,



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