Feeling Afraid

There’s an element of fear in every aspect of your life.

Your marketing is no different. But you have to overcome those fears to become the greatest marketer you’re capable of being– if only you can figure out how.

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My son has been taking ski lessons.

This past weekend, I decided to join him and go snowboarding.

There was this sense of anxiousness and fear resting heavily on me, though– I hadn’t snowboarded in 25 years.

I decided to do it anyway, even though I was scared I would fall and make a fool of myself the whole time.

Luckily, it turns out that snowboarding is a lot like riding a bike. I didn’t fall or make a fool of myself. I actually realized I’m pretty cool as a 39-year-old snowboarder. Even compared to all those teen snowboarders I saw out there. (Well– I mean– maybe. I’d like to think so, at least.)

Moral of the story: The simplest way to overcome those fears we have as human beings is to get out there and try.

That brings me to your first step in overcoming your fears and becoming the best marketer out there:

1. It’s really important to get out there and talk to our market.

If you want to really serve your audience, it’s key to have conversations with them.

What do they want? What are their fears? What are they struggling with?

Some of the best marketers I follow always talk about how important it is to go out there and read those popular books, see those popular movies, even just head to the mall to people-watch.

Immerse yourself in your audience’s lives. See what’s happening with them firsthand.

I always believe that regardless of your role in your company– regardless of if you’re the CEO or if you’re just starting out– you have to find ways to connect with your audience.

You have to find ways to make those crucial conversations an intentional part of your entrepreneurial walk.

Then, once you know what they’re experiencing, that will allow you to put yourself in their shoes, effectively moving on to Step 2 of overcoming those pesky fears:

2. You’ve gotta imagine what it would be like to be in your audience’s position and overcome the challenges they’re facing.

It’s easy for us as entrepreneurs and marketers to get familiar with what we have to offer, and why we think those offers will land with our audiences. But unfortunately, that doesn’t give us a whole lot of marketing power.

Instead, head into each situation from the perspective of your actual prospect.

Ask yourself this:

“If I was new in this space as a consumer, how would I react to this?

If I was facing the same challenges my audience is facing, how would I feel about X solution being offered?”

When you truly put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, you can understand why certain things don’t matter or aren’t accurate. You can understand why certain things do matter and are relevant to your prospect’s unique circumstances.

3. It’s vital to create offers that speak to your audience’s current desires.

Most of the time, your prospect isn’t gonna grasp what they want. They’re only thinking about what they need, right now.

Dig deeper.

Where has your prospect failed in the past? Where have other vendors burned them in the past?

Knowing those sorts of things means you’re better able to show up and give them what they want. You’re successfully setting yourself up to give them an offer that’s packaged up in a way that’ll build your relationship with them.

Once you do that, you’re able to give your audience what they need– and what they want.

With all these marketing approaches, all these principles, all these strategies we talk about, you’re gonna have a marketing experience peppered with fear. I get it.

But in spite of that, you have to get out there and try these things.

You might fall down and make a fool of yourself. You might not.

But if you don’t get out there and try, then you can’t solve anyone’s problems. You’ll just end up theorizing in your head, leaving all your prospects stranded without your help.

At the risk of sounding corny, I’ll still leave you with this:

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