Tight Containers and Explosive Growth

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of speaking at my friend Alex Charfen’s event in Austin Texas.

I got to share the process that I personally used to grow our business over 60% this year.

What I shared was not your typical rah rah speech about bigger topline numbers, hustling more and grinding it out until you succeed.

While those types of messages are floating around a lot these days, I don’t believe they are very effective or accurate as it relates to entrepreneurial success.

Instead, I shared the truth of how I influenced my organization’s growth.

And while this might not be that attractive at first, it is in fact the truth.

The biggest driver of my business success over the past 12-14 months has been in the area of my own personal development and self-leadership.

You see, back in October 2020, I decided to commit to a process that has made all the difference in the world.

Before the start of each quarter, I map out the targets I want to hit and then I break them down into monthly, weekly and ultimately daily targets.

Then, each day I review my targets and commit to taking small steps towards achieving them.

And surprise surprise… I hit my targets consistently.

The only reason this happens is because I create a container for success: the planning.

Then I create another container: my daily practice of reviewing my targets and committing to take steps towards them each day.

Everytime I block time in my calendar to work on myself and my goals, I’m creating a container for that work.

And when I keep my commitment to myself, and use that time as I intended to, I’m reinforcing my self-integrity.

What I’ve learned over the past year is that success is predictable when you choose to fall in love with the mundane routines that actually drive results.

So, as we come into the season of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting, I’d encourage you to explore what success really means.

Success comes from committing and executing the daily routines that actually move the needle.

Explosive (and sustainable) growth can only come when we lay the foundations that are necessary to achieve our goals.

Are you protecting your time containers with zeal?

Or are you allowing day to day distractions and interruptions to rob you of the success you want?

If you’d like to achieve consistent success, check out my friend Alex’s Momentum Planner:

It’s designed for entrepreneurs and it’s the catalyst that got me started in this critical area of personal growth.

To your routines and success,


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