You Don’t Realize That You Have Expert Salespeople Right in Front of You…

There’s always this nagging feeling inside of our head as business owners and entrepreneurs…

What if I’m not doing enough to make the sales that I need to make this month?

I get that feeling. I so, so do.

That’s why I want to share some of my own journey with you today.

I’m gonna be talking about how to use your entire team to increase your sales.

I’ve wanted to improve in this area for a while now, both as an entrepreneur and as a leader.

Because on one hand, by myself I’ve sold well over 40 million bucks in products and services throughout my career.

On the other, though, I’ve struggled in trying to build a sales team so I can offload.

It’s taken a lot of work, input, counsel and mentorship to help me understand how I can be successful in offloading sales and grow a sales team independent of me.


Because I don’t ever want to be the single failure point for my business.

I mean, god forbid something happened to me, I don’t want them to be in trouble because I wouldn’t be there to suddenly teach them how to grow the business.

So, I’ve been uncovering some things that are really helpful in allowing me to reach that goal. And as always, I’m no gatekeeper. I’m going to share these things with you today.

One more thing to keep in mind with this though:

I’m not an expert on this. Sure, I’ve been able to help clients in certain sales aspects, but that hasn’t been an area of specialty for me as far as building sales team experience.

(I can, though, help you with this sort of thing, like I said. So just let me know.)

I’m confident that this can help you shortcut some of the long years and lessons I’ve had to go through to get to where I am today.

1. We Just Rolled Out Teamwide Sales Commissions.

So instead of just having a couple folks dedicated to sales who get a base salary then a sales commission, we tried this out.

And believe me when I say that it stuck.

I do generally believe that having dedicated salespeople on your team with a base salary and then a commission is the best structure.

But I can now also say– and I’m not totally surprised here– that once we rolled this out, I started seeing way more team members getting super interested in starting to sell, and learning how they can better serve our clients in the process.

We’ve already almost doubled the sales we were getting from the team, just by putting that official process and system in place.

2. Teach Your Team To Spot Opportunities To Serve Your Customers More Effectively.

So many times, we get heads-down in a product or service we’re delivering and forget that there are probably other opportunities to explore here.

There are lots of opportunities that we don’t see as entrepreneurs. But our team members have a different perspective; they see different things throughout the day that better allows for them to spot those critical opportunities.

Encourage them to keep doing that.

3. Record Your Sales Presentations To Share With Your Team.

I record mine when I’m selling now, then share those with my team members so they can learn the way I do it.

Then, I have them record themselves and share it with me so I can take notes and provide them with feedback on what I’d recommend they change and improve.

(Sometimes, I do hop on the live call and interject to make a suggestion to them or the client, but not often anymore.)

This is something else that’s really allowed for our team to better serve our clients; just being there with my team members, looking at their sales recordings and giving them coaching and input as needed.

So, if you need any help with this sort of thing, I’m here for you too. Send me a message.


To your success,



P.S. That tactic where I provide my sales teams notes on how they can improve their sales approach next time, stems from the intention of impactful communication.

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