You Have no Business Building a Mobile App

Sorry to break it to you, but building an app, or even a website for that matter, isn’t the first step you should take in your business.

As fun as having a mobile app and website are, they are steps that should be completed farther down the line.

Calendly is an excellent example of when to release the sexy part of your business (an app or a website).

I’ve been Calendly customer for years, and they started in 2013, six years ago. Just yesterday they released their mobile app the world.

When I first saw their announcement, I thought to myself “finally, a company that does things in the right order!”

Calendly has the right to build a mobile app now, and I’ll share why that is.

  • They’ve had hundreds of face to face conversations with their customers (they interviewed me when I signed up and asked me how I was planning to use the platform)
  • They’ve perfected the basics of their core offer (scheduling meetings successfully and sending reminders)
  • They are now adding their app on as an added value, not as their primary offer.

There are times when it’s incredibly clear to me that young entrepreneurs haven’t done one damn bit of research. It’s when they go straight to talking about ego-driven ideas “we’re going to have an amazing app,” and that’s where the statement goes wrong.

What they aren’t saying is “Because we’ve realized that our customers need this valuable tool/feature/platform we’re going to deliver it.”

Can you see the difference there?

When we focus on delivering valuable results to our clients, then we can truly become entrepreneurs.

A true entrepreneur is a servant leader who:

  • Knows what their audience needs
  • Works hard to serve their audience and
  • Doesn’t obsess over superficial things like apps and websites as their primary focus

If that’s what your audience demands, do it! However, if you’re pitching that idea for an app or new website to make yourself look good, then you’re missing the fucking point.

Too often we hear “gurus” talk about things that don’t matter in business, or we have selective hearing and don’t listen to what the true business leaders are ACTUALLY saying about the complete holistic view of a business.

So the real question for today is this:

Are you willing to take a step back and determine if you’re taking a holistic view of your business?

Are you working on the four key pillars in business each month?

They are:

  • Mindset & Relationships
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Control & Profitability and
  • Production & Quality Control

The first pillar is Mindset & Relationships for a reason.

You need to have the mindset of service and build relationships with your prospects and customers so you can serve them.

Then the rest comes in a natural order.

So IF your audience is asking for an app and you’re not forcing that on them, go for it, but don’t make your business all about your ego on that or any front.

Make your business about serving others, and you’ll be able to achieve the business of your dreams.

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Keep listening, serving, and being willing to learn and you’ll becoming the next true servant leader in your industry.

To your success,


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