The $50,000 Book I Just Read

This morning I just finished reading a great book by Ryan Levesque called Choose.

It reminded me of a saying of mine that I created a few years back, and it goes like this:

“Every book I read makes me $50,000.”

I was getting ready to speak at a small marketing conference, and someone asked me to recommend my favorite books.

I ended up writing the list (which you can find here), and as I wrote the list, I started to see a pattern.

I would look up each title in my Kindle or Audible account and remember the one big lesson I took away from it and how I applied it.

Now, I have to make a quick but important note here for my friend Tori Reid who teases me about my “Reading.” I do read a lot, but I also listen to a ton of audiobooks because it’s the fastest way to learn while working out, going for a walk, or driving somewhere.

So don’t take “reading” too literally, but do let me qualify for you why I call listening to audiobooks (or even reading long-form blog posts) reading:

  • When an author takes time to write a book and publish it physically, and on Kindle, they have generally put significant time, effort, and thought into it.
  • When they create the audio version that they often read themselves, it continues the same high level, well edited, and well-researched information.
  • So reading or listening doesn’t matter, be intentional about choosing content that has had significant effort put into it.
  • Short 400 word blog posts and 3 minute YouTube videos are great, but they rarely have the same value as longer form work that has been well researched and tested.

So now that you know what you should read (or listen to or watch) you can start to look for your next $50,000 book.

Typically I make $50,000 over 6-24 months after reading the book when I take action on one or two key lessons from the book.

One of my all time favorites is Profit First because I used that model to create a cash management system that in a matter of just eight months has helped my partner Rachel and I quickly build nearly six figures in cash reserves.

On top of that incredible value, Profit First became one of the biggest catalysts for my pursuit of financial intelligence.

That passion has developed into a process that we now use to teach financial control models that help entrepreneurs all around the world create sustainable and profitable businesses.

That’s why I was incredibly excited to announce that Mike Michalowicz is going to be our keynote speaker at Ultimate Business Freedom Live in Las Vegas.

That’s what investing in your education can do for you.

It can lead you to amazing results.

More freedom of time, more freedom of money, and ultimately it should lead you to make a more significant impact on this world because that’s what entrepreneurship is all about, being a servant leader.

So as you’re reading this today, I want to encourage you to invest in yourself.

Find a good book to read, and then apply it.

Join us at #UBF Live in Las Vegas.

Stop waiting for things to change when what you need to do is take action and find that next $50,000 “book” for your life and business.

Also, as one of my all-time favorite heroes said:

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs

To your success,


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