Tips on Remarketing in 2023…

I hope your New Year’s weekend was amazing.

I also hope your hangover isn’t too bad because I have something cool planned for this…

But first, let’s rewind.

On Friday, I wrote an email about remarketing and included a link to my video

about it.


You deserve more.

You deserve to have a few tips on remarketing that will ensure success.

That’s why I wrote this.

Don’t worry…

I respect you too much to give you some bullsh*t tips.

Trust me.

Each tip is guaranteed to be impactful.

That said, let’s go…

Tip number one: Segment Your Audience…

No matter how badly you want everyone in your audience to be carbon copies of each other, that’s not reality.

Everyone is different.

That means you can’t show every visitor the same ads.

You have to switch it up.

Segment your audience, identify and understand the different intents, then appeal to those things with your ads.

Do that…

And you’ll be super successful.

(If you need help segmenting your audience, let me know.)

Tip number two: Create Compelling Ads…

Whether you’re making ads for Facebook, Instagram or Google, you only have a small amount of space to work with.

You can’t fit a few paragraphs of copy or a massive image.

So to get your message across, you have to be concise and creative.

The perfect ad will have graphics that support a super strong CTA that drives traffic straight to the destination you have in mind.

Tip number three: Contact Me…

I have a lot of experience with remarketing and its little quirks.


If you need help, reach out.

Together we can segment your audience, craft the perfect ads and ensure you get that return traffic.


To your success,


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