Spend 3 Minutes and Potentially Make 50k

Every so often, probably once or twice a year, I look through BME’s list of past clients.

The list stretches back 6-8 years, and there are loads of people on it.

Most of them parted ways because they were entering a new season in their business, and our services just weren’t required or something along those lines.

So as I look at the list, I try to find some that I can reach out to again.

Not exactly for a cup of coffee or chat, for old times’ sake.

I reach out because I want them to remember BME, and I want them to remember the work we did together… in the hopes that we can continue our relationship now.

That might sound time-consuming, but it takes me literally three minutes to reach out to one client, and that’s if I’m dragging my heels.

To put that in perspective, I can reach out to an old client and rekindle our flame in the same amount of time it takes you to heat some macaroni and cheese in a microwave.

And spaced out over a day, I can contact 10, 15 or even 30 clients—easily. (If you want to learn how I’ve gotten so fast, contact me here.)

I just recently started doing this again, and I’ve already succeeded in getting a $3,500 retainer that will likely lead to a 30-50 thousand dollar project for the year.

Not bad for an email that took me three minutes, wouldn’t you say?

That’s just one example of how essential the right daily habits can be in our lives and in our businesses.

I could have just sat on my hands during that time.

Or I could have done some random busy work that wouldn’t have moved the needle in either direction.

But instead, because I chose to do something that I knew would produce results, my team and I were rewarded for it.

With enough similar habits squeezed into your day, you can easily grow and become a multi-million dollar business, too.

There’s a step two to my outreach tactic that I didn’t mention here.

But it’s up to you to learn more or not… I won’t pressure you.

If you’re interested, you can always listen to this podcast episode.


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