Slow Down to Speed up (the tale of two stallions)

I remember the first time my grandfather told me this story I didn’t fully understand it.

Now I when I hear it, it makes me chuckle, and it’s one of my favorite memories that I have of him.

My grandfather didn’t finish the third grade and struggled to read or write very well, but he never let that hold him back.

He founded a construction company that did millions of dollars and at the height of his career had over 50 employees.

My grandfather must have recognized my early disdain for traditional education and also must have seen my entrepreneurial potential. When I was 7-8 years old he started picking me up from my parent’s house between 10-11 am each day.

By that time in the day, I was thoroughly frustrated with my homeschool assignments and nearly every day I challenged my mother by asking “when will I use this in real life”?

Unsatisfied with her answers and antsy to get out and do some real work, or at least something more exciting, she would let me spend time with my grandfather Ray Arnold.

We lived about 20 minutes from his home and about 40 minutes from the new house my grandfather, and I were building for my dad. Every day we’d have plenty of time riding in the truck together, and he’d tell me stories about growing up and things he’d learned over the years.

One day when I got into his pickup truck with him, he told me this story:

Once upon a time, there was a young stallion and an old stallion standing on top of a hill looking down into the valley. Down in the valley, there was a heard of mares grazing, and the young stallion turned to the old stallion and said: “Let’s run down there and make love to one of those mares”! The old stallion thought about it for a minute and turned back to the young stallion and said: “Let’s walk down there and make love to all of them.”

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when he told me that story, but I was pretty young and yeah, it might have been slightly inappropriate, but it stuck with me.

My grandfather followed up the story by saying to me “Sometimes we have to slow down and pay attention if we want to be successful.”

I was reminded of this story by my business coach Doug, who said to me last year “Slow down to speed up.”

That’s the key sometimes.

We have to slow down in order to plan, execute, and make steady progress.

Instead of trying to rush around and chase the latest trend, try out the latest tool, or simply distract yourself, take time to slow down so that you can speed up in the long run.

Yesterday I met with one of the amazing speakers that we’re having at #UBF Live in Las Vegas, and we ended up discussing a situation where this logic applies as well.

We quickly saw that one of the individuals in the project was pushing too fast and that gave us both warning signs.

You should get those same warning signals too when someone claims it’s fast and easy, and you’ll make loads of money right away.

That’s not how the real world works, and it’s risky business compared to the slow and steady approach to business.

That’s why we created our event this year.

It’s from August 15-17, and you can learn all about it here.

We want each and every entrepreneur out there to build up momentum and maintain consistent revenue while creating growing profits.

I personally believe that approaching business like Warren Buffett approaches investing works out well in the long run.

We’re going to give you a proven approach for the key pillars in your business that you need to master.

The four key pillars are:

  • Mindset & Relationships
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Control & Profitability
  • Production & Qualify Control

We’re bringing in the experts who are going to teach you the sustainable long term approach that will serve you well today and in 50 years.

That’s also why we’re very excited to have Mike Michalowicz the author of Profit First speak to us on Saturday night at the event.

Mike is someone who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve the financial and business freedom that they deserve through proven systems that are easy to implement quickly.

This WILL NOT be a pitch fest where you regret the time and money you’ve invested.

This WILL BE a powerful conference that will give you actionable tactics, valuable and profitable networking, mindset coaching, and systems and tools that will help you elevate your business to the next level.

For those that are just starting out, or for established businesses that want to grow to the next level, we guarantee that you’ll receive incredible value.

I’ve already seen what four of the speakers are sharing, and the actionable value and results you’ll get from attending are going to change your business and life for good.

Plus, we’re going to support you for 90 days after the event to make sure you get everything implemented well.

So today, instead of running down the hill and only being able to accomplish (maybe) one of your goals, slow down, plan ahead, and start moving deliberately towards your goals.

Invest in you, invest in planning, and invest in the relationships that really matter.

I can’t wait to see your success and see you at #UBF Live in Las Vegas.

To your success,


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