Invest And Relate For A Better ROI

Have you checked your bank balance today?

Not that one…

The more important one.

The one that will carry you through.

Especially in all of this current turmoil.

This matters way more than any cash balance with your financial institution.

I’m talking about your “goodwill” account balance.

Long term is all that matters.

The rest are merely details.

Those who do possess high dollars are typically accustomed to this “goodwill” account custom.

Heard this all before?

Here’s another way to look at it…

Servant leaders—those serving and helping in a way greater than themselves—are the ones who win today and in the future.

Ask yourself today, and for that matter, every day going forward:
What am I doing to invest in my goodwill bank account?

When you pay it forward — When you become a servant leader, everything else takes care of itself.

So, my friend, get to work and keep investing deeply in your relationships.

That pays dividends far greater than any 401k or mutual fund ever will.

It’s Goodwill.

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