Ideas Are Worthless – Until They’re Not

Last week before Christmas, I was talking to my son about a new idea he had.

He asked me a question that many young entrepreneurs (in age or experience) have asked me before.

He said “Daddy, can I sell my idea to someone?”

And I answered, “ideas are worthless until you execute them.”

The trouble with entrepreneurship is that your ideas are worthless…

…until you execute on them.

Take for example an idea that I was exposed to in 2008:

I had someone approach me with an amazing idea that they wanted my advice on.

The idea was that you could call for a car ride wherever you were in the city of Chicago and a driver would come to pick you up.

Sound familiar?

Uber launched one year after my friend tried to launch his idea.

The problem was he wasn’t very good at execution.

And to be honest, his leadership skills were virtually non-existent.

So instead of being worth 15 billion dollars (like Uber is today), my friend is worth much less (probably less than a million dollars– I assume anyway, we’ve lost touch and I haven’t talked to him since 2009).

And the truth is, my ideas aren’t worth sh*t either.

They aren’t worth anything until I act upon them.

At this time of year as we roll into a brand new year of possibilities, I ask myself “how can I execute more effectively than last year?”

Execution is such a key part of entrepreneurial success.

So my question for you is: what are you going to execute in 2022?

Comment below and let me know.

To your execution success,


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