Creating Entrepreneurial Magic With the Right Routine

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to put personal time at the bottom of our list of priorities. You may think that working day and night, trying to accomplish as much as possible, will lead to success. In reality, you’re eventually going to get burned out – we’re people too. I believe that a healthy entrepreneur is an effective one. In my experience, entrepreneurial magic all starts with your morning routine. 

As my friend Alex Charfen likes to say, “Structure creates freedom.”

We have a lot of decisions to make each day. From projects to team member issues to training. Wouldn’t it be nice to put some of these decisions on autopilot? Well, that’s what I’m here to show you. 

Create Structure for Better Results

When we create structure in our lives, we eliminate the need to make new decisions each day, which allows us to save our decision-making power for more significant tasks. Establishing structure is not easy. I fought it for years. I had the mindset that creating structure would be a waste of time. After all, entrepreneurship is all about freedom, right?

However, since I’ve implemented a structured routine in my life, I’ve seen huge returns. I start with these two exercises each day:

  • I write down at least 5-10 things I can do each week to prioritize my personal care, like cooking myself a nice meal or doing daily exercise. 
  • Then I ask myself, “Can I batch these activities into a single time slot?”

Not only does batching tasks together allow for better time management, but it also allows you to maintain the same energy flow between tasks. 

Establish a Morning Routine

You’ve probably heard this before, but I’m here to reiterate the importance of having a morning routine. I’ve been using this routine for years now, and it continues to set me up for success. 

I use an app called “Sleep Cycle” to wake up every day. Unlike a traditional alarm, “Sleep Cycle” tracks your sleeping patterns and wakes you up when you aren’t in a deep sleep. Instead of jolting you awake, it allows you to wake up gently. My wake-up time often changes during my routine. I tend to change when I wake up based on my day, but I typically try to be awake by 6:30 am.

After I wake up, I drink at least 24 ounces of water. Drinking water the first thing in the morning activates my nervous system and helps me stay hydrated throughout the day. In my opinion, hydration is an underrated key to success. Proper hydration eliminates a lot of my morning anxiety, helps jump-start my digestive system, and allows me to stay focused throughout the day. 

In my research, I’ve found that many people are chronically dehydrated. Chronic dehydration can lead to a multitude of health issues. 

Another essential part of my morning routine is avoiding social media until at least noon. In my experience, browsing social media in the morning affects my decision-making power and takes time away from more-effective tasks. Without social media, I can spend my morning planning my day, writing, and making more effective choices. 

With that said, I always check my email and work chats to answer any team member’s question. I may read the news for a few minutes but try to avoid watching videos. While it may seem easy to avoid, we’re all used to looking at social media at all hours of the day. Limiting social media has helped me stay disciplined and focused on serving my clients and team. 

Showing up Effectively

Why do I do all these things? It’s all about showing up effectively to support my team and clients. I can’t justify browsing Facebook in the morning while I have team members waiting for chat responses. Don’t be afraid to adjust these practices in a way that works for you, and don’t be discouraged if you find yourself bending the rules a little bit. 

Changing your behavior takes time, patience, and discipline. While it’s hard to stick to a routine each day, you will become more focused and motivated to tackle the day. As a leader, you will become more organized and more effective at leading your team to success. 

These are just a few examples of how I start my day. What are your most effective morning rituals? Let me know in the comments below and contact me with any questions about entrepreneurship. Here’s to your success!

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