Breathing Life Into Your Relationships

Have you ever gotten into a horrible argument where you just get up and leave? You stop talking to the other party and give them the cold shoulder. That is better known as the silent treatment. At this point, your relationship can start to wither and eventually be non-existent. 

Or, you can find a way to rekindle the relationship so everyone involved can continue to grow. So, once this relationship completely dies, can you ever revive it? Keep scrolling to learn how to breathe life into your relationships. 

Is It Okay To Give Your Audience the Silent Treatment?

Is it ever okay to give anyone the silent treatment? Others have taught us to keep quiet when situations reach levels that we cannot handle. I do not agree with giving people silence. Have you ever accomplished anything while being quiet? Did the other party ever automatically reach out and apologize? I doubt it. I do, however, agree with giving people space to cool down and collect their thoughts. Then, I expect the two parties to rejoin and work through any issues or problems. 

What Do You Do if You Have an Argument in a Relationship?

Like I mentioned above, I do recommend taking a step away to return to a calm, cool and collected mindset. Situations can become worse if you reestablish contact too soon after tempers flare. I believe that you should take time to respond and to think before you speak. Turning your relationship into a non-communicating one will make it harder for you both to breathe. 

There are many other ways you can mend a relationship after an argument. All people involved need to get together and discuss all the issues. From there, you can find a solution that works best for your situation. I also like to get advice from other entrepreneurs or listen to podcasts to enlighten me. 

How Do I Breathe Life Into My Relationships?

In any relationship, non-communication or insufficient communication causes a lot of issues. Fights or not talking, in general, can cause strain and further problems, draining the life out of the relationship. So how does one breathe life into a relationship? Breathing life is a funny concept that not many people understand. When I say breathe life, I mean to communicate and respond to your audience, whether that be through social media, text messages, or emails. 

How Often Should I Be Communicating With My Audience?

The frequency with which you communicate to your digital audience depends on your brand. When most businesses start, they believe that their audience already knows what they have to offer. Many businesses believe that when they send an email once or even twice a month, everyone reads it. 

If only it worked that way, then owning a business would be 10 times easier. In reality, you have to constantly be educating and emphasizing your brand,  services, products and everything that you stand for, to your audience. The moment you break away is the moment you start to lose customers, followers and money. 

At What Point Do I Know To Give My Audience a Break?

Sure, you may feel like you are bothering your audience if you are inundating them with content. However, that does not mean you need to cut them off. People unsubscribe or unfollow, but that means you are only narrowing down your list to the audience members who are truly interested and making a difference for your brand. 

If you send only one email per month, less than 5% of the list will see it—and that’s if you are lucky. If you send an email once a week, MAYBE 10% of your list will view it. But if you stop starving your audience by sending multiple emails a week or publishing blog content consistently, they will start breathing. And just like that, they’ll recognize you and your brand as an authority and will start building a relationship with you and want to do business with you. 

It begs the question: Should you give your audience a break?  

What Happens if I Continue To Communicate?

Many wonderful things happen when you continue to communicate in any relationship, especially in the business world. By opening your communication channels, you can gain new customers or followers, which, in turn, can become more traffic, engagement, conversions and revenue. The more people know your brand, the more people will recommend and share it with other companies or customers. From there, you’ll build an ever-growing network, thereby breathing life into your business relationships. 

Follow the steps above to breathe life into your personal and professional relationships. For more useful information, head over to my blog, where I discuss a wide variety of entrepreneurial tips and tricks. I want to continue to be a resource for you. Do not forget to check out my new BME Content Blueprint for more ways to improve your content and business! 

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