Overcomplicating Things

I think it’s in our nature to overcomplicate things.

When we get started in business, we find one thing that works, and we focus on that for a while…

…but if you’re like me, you may get bored and add complexity to whatever you’re doing.

I know as a serial entrepreneur and lifelong marketer, that I’ve been guilty of this too many times.

As I reflect back on my journey, I can see seasons where I overcomplicated things for no reason.

In marketing, this same trap can catch us off guard as well.

Fortunately, if we take time to reflect on the principles and experiences that got us to where we are today, we can continue to grow our marketing and therefore our businesses.

I’m getting ready to begin a workshop where I teach you the BME Simple Marketing Method.

It will help you grow your business consistently without the hassle and overcomplication that can creep in far too easily.

If you’re interested in this, comment below with the word “marketing” and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details.

To your simplification and success,


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