Tattoos, Synchronicity and The Rhythm of Life

Do you believe there is a natural order in the universe?

I recently read an incredible story about the Dutch physicist who in 1665 was lying sick in bed and watched two pendulum clocks synchronize their pendulums over time.

In a book I just finished titled Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza he mentioned, and that’s how I discovered it.

There are some scientific explanations for this, but if I’m honest I think they fall short of the entire truth as they try to explain it using only what we can see, and there is more to life than what we can see and measure.

I believe that there is a universal life force that synchronizes the energy around us.

Over the years humanity has come up with different names for this energy and created gods and religions and other structures, but that could be limiting the full truth.

It doesn’t matter what you title it; it’s there.

All of the world around us, both man-made and in nature, ultimately finds a pattern and a natural rhythm.

If you take time to reflect on your life, you’ll see patterns and natural flows that occur when you step back, surrender, and let them happen.

Right now I’m sitting in a tattoo parlor watching Rachel get the seven chakras tattooed on her arm, and I’m getting ready to get Ganesha.

According to my understanding in the Hindu faith, Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

Plus he’s in the form of an elephant, so that’s even cooler. I’ll share a picture soon on Facebook once it’s done.

I was struggling with what to get on my right arm as I’ve just started working on that sleeve in the past month.

A month ago I was supposed to come to the tattoo shop to get started, but it didn’t feel right yet, so I rescheduled my appointment and waited.

I surrendered to the process and just let my subconscious do the work, and then the perfect design came to my conscious mind Friday, and I drew it up Saturday morning and sent it to my tattoo artist.

That’s how life goes.

If we try and force things, then it’s hard, and we struggle and strive for things that seem unattainable.

When we let go and follow the natural rhythm of life and trust the process things work out much better.

So instead of believing the lie that it’s beneficial (or even possible) to grind it out 24/7 as some spitting “gurus” like to tell you, start listening to your body, your heart, and your mind and go with the natural flow of life.

Take time off.

Do things you enjoy.

Binge out on your favorite show, or take a nap in the middle of the day.

Following the natural rhythm of life should flow into all areas, even your business.

So today’s post is a little different, but its what felt natural and at least one of the friends in my world needed to hear it. If that was you, then I hope it resonated.


Life doesn’t always have to be hard.

Are you willing to consider believing that?

To your health, happiness, and success,


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