Passive Listeners are Listeners Too

How many Youtube videos have you watched in your lifetime? If you enjoy browsing Youtube at night as I do, that number might be in the thousands. Out of all those videos, how many have you actually engaged with? 

Besides just watching them, how many videos do you comment on or like? Probably not that many. I’ve come to find out recently that the same behavior is true for most content. 

For those of you who know me or have read my previous posts, you know I am extreme. I tend to see things black and white, with little gray areas. Until recently, I only paid attention to members of my audience who actively engaged in my content. 

My attitude was to look down on passive listeners as if they were wasting my time. After a sleepless night browsing Youtube, I realized that way of thinking was immature and ineffective. 

Views vs. Engagement

Every video I looked at with a high number of views had only a fraction of that number in actual engagement, and the same goes for my content. While fewer people actually engage with content, there are plenty of people who are still enjoying it. 

The basic principle that I forgot was that everyone absorbs information differently. They may need to watch, read or listen multiple times to understand what you’re saying. They may be interested in what you offer but just aren’t ready to take the leap yet. 

Those of you who keep up with me know that I’m always thinking of ways to improve and grow as an entrepreneur, and learning to accept passive listeners was a breakthrough for me. With them in mind, I can reassess how my content is displayed to make it accessible to anyone. 

Serving All Types of Listeners

As an entrepreneur, I’m in the service industry. In the service industry, you serve without expectations. It doesn’t matter how someone is absorbing content, as long as they’re absorbing it. They don’t have to engage right away, or at all. Some people need more time to focus on what they’re looking at. 

Users can still gain knowledge and learn more about you by absorbing your content, even without engaging. Remembering this will hopefully help you put yourself in your audience’s shoes. 

This mindset goes both ways too. When looking at content from other entrepreneurs, be conscious of how or if you engage with their content. 

Liking, sharing and commenting on posts you enjoy will make that person feel appreciated and happy, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. However, if you are a passive listener, that’s okay too!

Learning to accept others as they are sounds easy, but it takes time to truly appreciate how others engage with you. Keeping this in mind will hopefully help you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

I hope my recent realizations can also help you grow your entrepreneurial skills. Let me know what you think in the comments below and contact me with all your questions about entrepreneurship.

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