Envisioning Success

As I sit down to write today’s post, I am fondly remembering the experience I had last night watching my son play baseball.

To be completely honest, it took some convincing for me to consider letting him play baseball.

I was not looking forward to Little League at all, but as she always wisely does, Rachel convinced me that it would be a good idea for my seven year old.

Rachel is also the one who persuaded me to tour his Montessori school years ago.

Now he LOVES it there and so do Rachel and I!

She’s the one who’s always guided me intuitively towards success, and I am forever grateful for her influence in my life and in my son’s as well.

So thanks to her wisdom, I was sitting watching him play baseball, and I noticed something significant that I want to share with you today.

At first, I thought he was just dancing around in the infield, but as I started to pay attention, he was actually doing something very important that you should be doing every single day too!

When he was assigned his position, at first base (his favorite), third base, or outfield, he would rehearse successful plays.

He’d jump and pretend to catch a fly ball.

He’d run back to the base and tag up.

He got down and put his glove down like he was catching a ground ball.

And when he stood up at the plate, he was practicing his swing like he was the Babe Ruth himself.

You see, my son was envisioning his success.

No matter what position he was assigned (even if it wasn’t his favorite), he embraced the opportunity and imagined what it would be like to play that position successfully.

I’ve heard people misunderstand or make fun of daily affirmations, setting your intentions, and other “woo” activities like that.

What they don’t understand is that nothing happens in the physical world until we’ve envisioned it happening in our mind.

That’s one of the reasons that I have spent intentional and focused time designing my morning routine.

I do specific things to help me envision my success.

When you start to train your mind to bring imagination into reality, incredible things happen.

When my son stepped up to the plate at his very first at-bat last night, guess what happened?

He hit the ball into the outfield and sprinted to first base on the very first pitch.

He ended up scoring for the first time in his Little League career that inning.

On top of that, he got a few outs at first base and even stopped a hard grounder to third with his body.

I was incredibly proud of him because even though he got hit pretty hard in the shoulder, he made the play to first base before letting the pain get to him.

Yes, I am incredibly proud of my son, and so I’m bragging a little here.

More importantly, I’m asking you to reevaluate what your daily routine looks like.

Are you setting yourself up for success by envisioning your next success?

Are you rehearsing how you’ll respond when the good parts and the challenging parts occur?

If you keep saying negative things to yourself, you’re not going to EVER hit it out of the park.

So today is the perfect today to rehearse that victory dance.

It’s the perfect day to envision speaking to those you care about with an open and caring heart (and then go ahead and do it).

It’s the perfect day to put on a new pair of glasses and envision the incredible success that you can achieve.

To your success,


P.S. Are you ready for one more little secret that will help you reach success much faster than you would on your own?

My son has learned a considerable amount of what he knows about baseball by simply choosing to watch and model after the pros.

You can’t expect to soar to new heights if you’re hanging out with those who are complacent and aren’t investing in their future.

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