Something Worth Saying

Every once in a while we have the opportunity to say something profound, something that will matter, something truly worth saying.  One of the quotes that has stood out to me a lot this year was from one of my favorite T.V. personalties Conan O’Brien.  He said:

If you work really, really hard, and you’re kind… Amazing things will happen to you.

Since that was said in his last show and retweeted so much I’ve really thought a lot about it’s meaning and I’ve also thought about those times when I’ve had the opportunity to say something that matters.  At my best friends funeral a few years ago I finally said what I really felt to my brother and it was a turning point in his life and in mine.  I finally figured out how to say that I loved him and accepted him the way he was not matter what.  I’ve realized that there is a lot of cruelty in this world but being kind to those who are there for you matters more than we realize.

Stop, think, and take a close look at how you feel about your loved ones.  Tell them how you really feel.  Don’t be scared to bare your emotions and be honest when you care about someone special.  Learning to be real and transparent about how you feel will help you and those around you to be free.  The more honesty and freedom we all have the more we can succeed.

We all need to realize that we have many opportunities every day to say something worth saying – something memorable.  Take advantage of each moment that you have and make it matter.