My Top 5 Favorite Google Chrome Extensions


Since I live in my browser for the majority of my work I try to find the fastest and most efficient way to get my work done.  Since the release of Google Chrome my work day has gotten even better with the use of these extensions.  I believe that each small moment that I save benefits me in the long run.  With the speed and stability of Chrome I’m a just a little bit faster and more efficient.  Here are my top 5 favorite extensions that make Chrome even better for me:

1. Lastpass:

Just announced they acquired #2 on my list Xmarks! That’s awesome news.  I use Lastpass to create and use very secure passwords and share confidential information responsibly.  Install the Chrome Lastpass extension here.

2. Xmarks:

Xmarks bookmark sync

It’s a hard race between Lastpass and Xmarks for which one makes me faster.  The ability to have the exact same bookmarks wherever I am is invaluable. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and I’ve never lost a link since.  Install the Chrome Xmarks extension here.

3. Google Voice:


Google Voice allows me to text friends, and listen to my voicemail right from my browser.  It also has call widgets, click to call number highlighting, and is an all around amazing product.  Install the Chrome Google Voice extension here.

4. Google Reader Notifier:

Google Reader Notifier Chrome Extension

With Google reader I can track the important things I need to read and respond too.  With the notifier I get instant notification that allows me to act fast.  This extension literally makes me money everyday.  Install the Chrome Google Reader Notifier extension here.

5. Adblock:

Adblock Chrome Extension

Ads are something I want to choose to see when I want to see them.  With this great extension, pages load faster, and with less distractions.  It’s even simpler to use than the old Firefox one since you don’t have to choose subscriptions.  It just works.  Install the Chrome Adblock extension here.

So there you have it, my top 5.  I wanted to do a top 10, but I realized I should really focus on the 5 I couldn’t live without, and that’s what these five are.


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Invest In Solid Technology – Day Twenty-Seven

Invest In Solid Technology

Invest In Solid TechnologyOne of the frequent mistakes of small business owners is to skimp on technology.  A key to succeeding in any small or large business is to invest in solid technology.  Day twenty-seven’s step in growing your small business in 30 days is about focusing on investing in solid technology.

Invest In Solid Technology

Years ago small business owners used to look to place their business on the banks of a river that connected them to more regions, or cross roads that lead to larger cities.  Today’s approach to a strategic advantage should be found by looking for the best technology available in your budget and time frame.  It will be the difference maker in your success.

1. What Really Improves Work Flow?

I always like to ask this question before investing in new technology.  Will this new technology application improve workflow for my team and I?  If it clearly will and it falls within the budget then it will be worth it in the long run.  Things that make the process of delivering great products and services to your client more seamless will always pay off in the long run.

2. What Can Save You Time?

Because time is constantly moving ahead with or without us it’s important to consider what technologies are able to save us time.  If there is a solution that saves us 30 minutes, or 1 hour per day, imagine what that can do for your company in one year.  Time saving technology can be a valuable investment when it frees you up to do more important tasks.  It also allows you to more effectively use your team’s time and efforts.

It’s also important to remember that the younger generation in the workforce has more and more of an expectation that you will use technology to your advantage.  Doing things on paper or in an old manner may not only slow your process, but it may inadvertently discredit you at some level with your team.  Look at time saving technology and carefully consider it’s short term and long term value for your operation.

3. What Can Save You Money?

In the end time saving technologies will obviously save you money.  The question is what immediate cost savings can you achieve with technology solutions?  Often there are new and more stable solutions available and we don’t even consider them because we aren’t aware of them or because we don’t take the time to research our options.

Technology solutions for today’s small business are comparable to the interstates that we have in our country.  Without a safe and well developed road from New York to San Francisco it’s difficult if not impossible to deliver your goods on a semi truck.  With a good road in place though you can deliver your solutions safely and securely to your customer.

The really interested factor in technology, is that unlike the uncontrollable cost of diesel, you can name your “fuel” price for your technology vehicle in many cases.  With Open Source options, monthly licensing, and the ability to develop in house applications and websites the options are endless.  The important point is that you have to consider and implement solid technology solutions if you want to compete and survive in your market.

Looking for help or solutions?  My company ZigZap Technologies offers many different solutions and can consult on any needs you may have.

Getting People To Follow You On Twitter

A few months ago I created this tutorial on how to get people to follow you on Twitter.  You may find it helpful for yourself so I wanted to share it here with you.  This video will teach you how to sequentially follow more people and in turn build your following on Twitter.

How To Get More Followers On Twitter

I’d really be interested in learning about how you’ve built your following on Twitter.  Share your ideas in the comments if you have any suggestions!  Thanks.