Google Apps And Gmail Signatures Now Support Images. Here’s How!

So, you love Google, you love Gmail but the one thing that was nice in Outlook or your other mail client was images in your signature.  Well, Google has finally added that functionality along with a slew of other awesome features to Gmail and Google Apps mail.  Want to put your social links in your signature, but make them a little more interesting?  Here’s how:

Before we just had our boring old text signatures:

Now, to add images, simply go to settings on the upper right of your mailbox:

Then scroll down to your signature box and choose the radial box that sets a signature if you haven’t already set your text signature:

Next, open your Gmail docs or Google Apps docs in a new tab and click upload:

Select a file to upload when you see this screen:

Then be sure to mark the file as Public on the web and click “Start upload”

When the upload is complete you’ll see the image link:

Click on it and the image will open up in a new tab as shown below:

Next, right click on the image and choose “Open image in new tab”:

You’ll then see the file in a new tab with nothing showing but the image.  Copy the url above in image in this new tab.  It is very long.  After copying it, go back to your mail settings page that you left open in the other tab and choose “Insert Image” from the WYSIWYG menu above the signature box:

When the image box pops up, paste your image link in and your image will appear:

Click OK.  Now you’ll see your image wherever you inserted it into your signature:

Click “Save” at the bottom of the settings page:

and you’re all done!

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  1. I was unaware when I first wrote this, but there is a bug in Firefox, so I would recommend doing the above noted process in Chrome. It works perfect in Chrome, but has issues when attempting it in Firefox.

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